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Commercial Cleaning
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Commercial Cleaning can encompass offices as small as 1200 sq. ft, with one time per week service.  Or it may mean a 10,000 sq ft office being cleaned 5 five days a week, during the nightime.  Maybe your building is 1000,000 square feet, and you need six days a week service at night, with a daytime porter, and carpet cleaning, along with floor care services.  All of these and more are services that we have been providing for over 20 years to your neighbors.  We are serving the Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Harford, Ann Arundel and Howard counties every day.   

At A Builders Choice/ A Cleaning Service, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We are available  7 days a week. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.

We provide a variety of services including:
Carpet cleaning is one of the most important features in the office, or the home, it is the largest and most efficient way to filter your house from dust and dirt.  If it is not kept clean, you lose out on this filtration system.  At our company we provide you with four types of carpet cleaning.  The first is spin bonnet cleaning, using highly formulated chemicals to shampoo your carpet.  The second is extraction using machines that scrub and lift the dirt , then rinse the dirt away.  The third is dry cleaning, to we scrub the carpet which leaves no residue behind and dry within hours.  The fourth is called the Host method, using small chemically treated sponges to scrub your carpet. Each method has it's advantages, and together we'll pick the right one for you.
Floor Care can include stripping and refinishing VCT tile, wood floors,  ceramic floor  and grout cleaning, ESD tiled floors or concrete floors of many varieties.  You may have a floor that needs machine scrubbing like a warehouse.  Or you may have VCT  (Vinyl composite tile) floors that need to be burnished, restored or refinished.  You may have a loading dock that needs to be recoated and resurfaced, or just cleaned. Maybe you have a restaurant that needs the polished concrete floor resealed, or the kitchen floors machine scrubbed.  We can professionally accomplish all of these and more.
We have provided a number of articles on these and more in the latter pages of our website for your convience, more will be added soon.